Welcome to Altaaat Leadership Development Institute

Altaaat has a story to it...

The story started when the founder, a young bright individual and emerging leader from this region, able to afford world class education, made a self motivated move to turn instead to a local experienced executive coach for his leadership development learning! It was then and through the profound richness, relativeness, applicability and practicality that he had experienced in the teachings received that he became inspired to start a leadership development academy to bring these rich, relevant and impactful teachings to leaders and emerging leaders from this region.

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What Does Altaaat Mean?

The Arabic word ‪"‬Altaaat‪"‬ is a term we recently invented as a way by which to construct methodologies for achieving a particular goal and that by outlining the steps required for achieving that goal through the use of verbs that start with the letter ‪"‬ta‪"‬ and which ‪"‬Altaaat‪"‬ implies the plural of‪.‬

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Latest News 

Sayyid Nasr Albusaidi is Leading Change from Within which Resulted in the shortening of the Permit Issuance Lifecycle from 12 Months to One Minute

Running in its second session, the participants of the Culture Transformers Program, delivered by Altaaat Leadership Development, were taken by surprise, meeting an extraordinary and special Omani leader, Sayyid Nasr bin Badr bin Hamad Albusaidi, the Director of Quality at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in Oman. 

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The Experience I acquired at Omantel, helped me grow Be'ah to what it has become today

These were the words that the group of General Managers from Omantel received, interviewing in their very first session of the Culture Transformers Program, their former colleague at Omantel Engineer Tareq Al Amri, holding today the role of CEO at Be’ah in Oman. 

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